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Steve Griffiths for NSW

Sean Simmons at Premier for everywhere else

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2019 shows

Dave Graney and the mistLY

Dave Graney memoir-WORKSHY-out on Affirm press.Order it here.

Dave Graney is up for some PARLOUR GIGS. It's a system or portal where you can book artists to come play in your PARLOUR - House - Apartment - Back yard etc.Dave Graney has done one of these with a mic and guitar plugged into his trusty acoustic amp. Very flexible! Very do-able!
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Shows below are by Dave Graney and Clare Moore.
Thursday 28 March - Stag & Hunter, Newcastle
Friday 29 March - Bent On Food, Wingham
Saturday 30 March - 5 Church Street Bellingen
Sunday 31 March - Brunswick Picture House

Friday April 12th - Memo Music Hall opening for Stephen Cummings (For whom Clare Moore is playing drums) .
Saturday May 4th The Gov- Adelaide CLARE MOORE AND DAVE GRANEY opening for Stephen Cummings.
Friday May 24th - Tanswells Commercial Hotel - Beechworth

Saturday June 1st - The Railway Club Darwin
Saturday June 15th-Major Toms, Kyneton.

Shows below are by Dave Graney and the mistLY

Wednesday 8 May
- Brass Monkey Cronulla
Thursday 9 May - The Bunker Coogee
Friday 10 May - Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville
Saturday 11 May - Metro Social, Katoomba
Sunday 12 May - Dangar Bowlo.NSW

Sunday May 26th - Northcote Social Club (afternoon) ZIPPADEEDOO album launch show.

Friday June 21st the Bison Bar, Nambour.
Saturday June 22nd- Sunday June 23rd - the Bearded Lady, Brisbane.
Saturday June 29th - The Caravan Music Club - Bentleigh

July 12th - THE GOV - Adelaide.

”...brilliant show. Best band in this country by miles. Graney and Co. are totally unique. Whatever line-up, always amazing. And FUN!”.
Jon Schofield (musician)






"the Serge Gainsbourg/Lee Hazelwood/Jim Morrison/Scott Walker/Skip Spence/Ern Malley/Lenny Bruce of Australian music.
A genius songwriter with effortless presence and command, and yet also an invisible chameleon, a reflecting surface, an anonymous conduit.
Anyone who saw his and Clare Moore’s ATP sets last year will not want to miss these.
Dave is one of the all time greats. I learned much of what I know from him. Rock and Roll is where he hides
”. Stewart Lee

"Last nights Dave Graney gig at Leith Cricket Club was seriously one of the best gigs I've been to in a while. Imagine Robert Forster channelling Frank Zappa whilst dressed as a cowboy John Waters. So much charisma" @blasts_of_static c/o instagram Oct 2017.

Dave Graney and Clare Moore CD Let's Get Tight available at iTunes and Bandcamp now.

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I can’t forget the bill that hot night at the Palace in St. Kilda many years ago…The show opened with a guy called Dave Graney, the song and dance man, the loveable rogue, ‘the love rustler’ with his Coral Snakes, and the serene Clare Moore keeping everything together in the back. Then the Cruel Sea shambled onstage with Tex Perkins, tearing a hole in the night, a bellowing, rancid Lizard King in a ripped Jaws t-shirt. Finally, the Bad Seeds, with Cave mounting the fold-back, capes flowing in an impossible wind, like some perverse southern gothic evangelist, braying to the raptured who were already certain to be damned, and didn’t care. The Palace heaved that night with sweat and obscenity. And we were right there, in Melbourne, at the molten core of the rock world, drinking in the magma. Not even a thousand beers as we poured out of there, and drifted over the tram tracks to the Esplanade, could calm us down and quell the charge. But it was the unstoppable Graney, in his natty jumpsuit, with his wit, and his ways, dipping into the slow chords of ‘Night of the Wolverine’, that we knew we’d found a poet, whose lines were etched like the statue of Carlo Catarni outside and had announced himself, that night, there and then, as a put-down-your-glassss superstar. xo

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Dave Graney tour dates

Clip from a recent show by Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes in Melbourne. Shot BY Barry Douglas aka Barry takes Photos.


2012 cd out on COCKAIGNE - click here for a page with full details



Look out for Dave Graneys book "1001 australian nights" through Affirm Press

Dave Graney online blogs

Available here now VIA PAYPAL.


18 track comp. Ten from "the brother who lived", four from "heroic blues" and four unreleased gens from the same sessions. All re-strung, replayed, re-sung, remixed and remastered by Dave Graney March -June 2010.

the brother who lived
all our friends were stars
like a millionaire
a boy named epic
the royal troll
clingin’ to the coast
I am your humble servant
midnight to dawn
anchors aweigh
I’m seein’ demons
twilight of a villain
while you dream,I live
I ain’t natural
are we goin’ too fast for love?
she looked at me from out of her eyes
I don’t know anything
my old gloves
commercial street east (starry)

Dave Graney-Stu Perera-Clare Moore-Stu Thomas
Pic Tony Mahony

image Tony Mahony
SUPERMODIFIED.... 2010 remix compilation album. Available here via PAYPAL


Full transcript of interview in spring 2012 issue of RHYTHMS magazine

an interview with dave from an online brisbane magazine

a live review from the same writer and magazine- OFFSTREET PRESS

Dave Graney online blogs.

Here is a clip on Youtube from 2007 where Dave Graney and the mistLY are joined by Penny Ikinger , Joe Mckee and Plutonic for a run through of Miles Davis' "in a silent way".The clip goes for 8 minutes. Here is part two....


Knock yourself out- dynamite 2009 "electro boogie r&b album" credited to dave graney.

"Knock yourself out" album by Dave Graney released June 2009 on Cockaigne and available here $20 plus postage - via Paypal.
Also at Bandcamp.

Here is a video for KNOCK YOURSELF OUT. Filmed and edited by young Melbourne film maker Nick Cowans.


KEEPIN IT UNREAL- 2006 album by Dave Graney, Clare Moore and Stu Thomas. Vibes,bass and 12 string acoutsic . Lyrical , minimalist album, revisiting many older songs within a particluar sound as well as
several choice covers. Suicide, M, Matt Walker.

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Here is a video link to "I'm in the future now" , from WE WUZ CURIOUS, on youtube . The video was shot on the Cocos islands which are situated 2500 k's past Perth into the Indian Ocean. All shot and edited by Stu Thomas aka Stu D.

Here is a video link to "Lets Kill god Again" , from WE WUZ CURIOUS, on youtube.Edited by Dave Graney

Clare Moores' debut solo cd "the Third Woman". Available from the new online purchasing dimension of this site. Click on the image below.

art tony mahony



you had to be drunk (dave graney)
I come from the clouds (dave graney)
lets kill god again (dave graney)
junk time (dave graney/clare moore)
I like to be haunted (dave graney)
only passin’ through (dave graney/mark fitzgibbon)
I’m in the future now (dave graney/stu thomas)
bring me my liar (dave graney)
I was a country boy (dave graney/stuart perera)
I needed someone to find me (dave graney)
punk dies (dave graney)
crime and underwear (dave graney)

WE WUZ CURIOUS -CD SOLD OUT-AVAILABLE -as a digital album at Bandcamp


Click here to see "the Endeavour-TRON. An idealized dream home as imagined by
Dave Graney and Clare Moore and architect Terence Nott.

Dave Graney online blogs.Regular updates.

art..tony mahony


The classic 1993 album, "night of the wolverine" unfortunately out of print as of july 2013. Available at itunes as of 2015 in an expanded edition with seven demo recordings by Dave Graney from 1991.