Below are some early reviews for 1001 Australian nights.


 ‘A_ delirious_ cruise_through_the_strange_and_perplexing_mind_of Australia’s_pre-eminent_songwriter,legendary_mischief-maker_and_ _
cosmic_hipster._ Funny,_wise,_ narcissistic,deluded_and _anarchic. Pure_ genius._’ _– _NICK_ _CAVE_ _




1000 word interview ith Dave graney by Andrew McMillen

Interview with Dave Graney at CRIKEY-Part1

Part 2 of Crikey interview

ABC Lateline Friday 8th April had a feature on Dave graney.See it here via iview

Podcast or stream this interview with Dave Graney on RRR's Breakfast show April 2011

Story written by Dave Graney about the cd and the book in the April edition of the Adelaide Review

Interview with Dave Graney from the Australian -April 2011.Focusses on "1001 australian nights" and the cd "rock'n'roll is where I hide"

Very Very positive review of the book "1001 australian nights" from Chris Johnston in the AGE- April 2011

illustration- tony mahony- book out on AFFIRM PRESS - APRIL 2011

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1997 book of all CORAL SNAKES era lyrics with amazing photos and artwork by Tony Mahony. Available only from this site.

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