Hashish and Liquor features the talents of Mark Fitzgibbon on piano on many tracks. He is also appearing live with Graney and Moore.
Mark is an old friend. We first met him at a party held by some high commission/ press people in London in the mid 80s. We would have all been attracted by the swish surroundings and posh (and free) grub and plonk.
It was during the time of the Moodists. After that band slowed to nothing I did a demo of a song called "between times" with him. Eleven years later on we asked him to play with us when we finally recorded the song for the cd we gave to Festival Records. (To whom we gave too much) .Below is some text I stole from a jazz site so as to let him be understood in the proper temper and context.

Mark Fitzgibbon............Artist
Mark Fitzgibbon is an integral part of Melbourne's ever widening jazz scene. He is a past winner of the Wangarratta piano award (1991) and has worked with many of Australia's finest including Dale Barlow, Bernie Mcgann, Vince Jones, Chris Mcnulty and Christine Sullivan.
Mark led the hardbop Sextet GO with Scott Tinkler and Ian
Chaplin which engendered a cult following. He has accompanied visiting artists such as Mark Murphy, Lee Konitz, John Stubblefield, Lew Tabackin and Charles McPherson.
Mark is currently working with the Fiona Burnett Quartet, Anton Dellaca Quartet, Jamie Oehlers septet, the Nichaud Fitzgibbon ensemble, the David Rex Quartet and vocalists as diverse as Helen Noonan, Kerry Simpson and Dave Graney.