Stuart lives a solitary and freewheelin' life.
He plays the stockmarkets for cash and dreams of becoming a slum lord. Crazy,like a fox.

He plays a left handed Rickenbacker and has been with the DGS and then the RDGS , the Lurid Yellow Mist and now the mistLY since 1998. The longest of any player who Dave Graney and Clare Moore have ever been associated with. Everybody who hears him is amazed at his chops and his skills. He is a master of lick and tone, a dynamite soloist and a rock hard rhythm player. Indie rock is not a country he is real familiar with .


He has appeared on these albums...

play mistLY for me - dave graney and the mistLY - (digital only 14 track live collection on COCKAIGNE 2015)

"POINT BLANK" and "LIVE IN HELL" two digital only live narrative show albums via Bandcamp. 2013

THE DAMES (Cockaigne - distributed through MGM) September 2013

you've been in my mind (dave graney and the mistLY - Cockaigne - 2012)

"ROCK'N'ROLL IS WHERE I HIDE" (dave graney and the lurid yellow mist - LIBERATION 2011)

(Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist- Cockaigne/Fuse 2010)
Knock Yourself Out
(Dave Graney- Cockaigne/Fuse- 2009)
We Wuz Curious
(The Lurid Yellow Mist - Illustrious Artists 2008)

Hashish and Liquor,
(Dave Graney and Clare Moore. Reverberation 2005)
The Brother who lived
, (the Royal Dave Graney Show, Cockaigne 2003)
The soundtrack to the movie Bad Eggs (David Graney and Clare Moore,Liberation,2003)

Heroic Blues (the Dave Graney Show, Cockaigne 2002)

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (the Dave Graney Show, Cockaigne 2000)
The Dave Graney Show (the Dave Graney Show, Festival 1998)