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1001 australian nights.
Dave Graney memoir released on Affirm press April 2011

released on Cockaigne, June 2012.
Front cover, Tony Mahony.



Track Listing
1 : blues negative
2 : flash in the pantz
3 : field record me
4 : we need a champion
5 : I don’t wanna know myself
6 : cop this, sweetly
7 : life’s a dream
8 : playin’ chicken
9 : midnight cats
10 : mt gambier night
11 : mistral
12 : I’m not the guy I tried to be

extra tracks on cd version
13 : cop this,sweetly (demo version)
14 : we need a champion (demo version)
15 : I don’t wanna know myself (demo version)

extra tracks on itunes version

13: king of the dudes
14: midnight to dawn (2012 mistLY remix featuring henry wagons)
15: sometimes you can see yourself (2012 mistLY remix)

all songs written by dave graney
published by Mushroom music
(p) cockaigne 2012


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you’ve been in my mind is the new album from dave graney and the mistLY (aka the lurid yellow mist).
An album of short, whip-smart pop rock songs with lashings of ideas, flash,wit and bounce.
That’s dave graney on electric 12 string guitar, stuart perera on blazing left handed Rickenbacker, clare moore on drums and stu thomas on bass, with everybody singing too.
recorded in January with engineer andrew “idge” hehir at soundpark in Brunswick and mixed by dave graney at the ponderosa, its the first collection of new graney songs since “knock yourself out” in 2009.
a few words from dave…

this bunch of songs was recorded quickly, just the way I like it. Its not about layers of sounds, its just the simple setup of the band in the room and the songs. We knew them all pretty well so every song was put down to the machines with absolute certainty, power and poise. Its got all the flavours and tones about music that I’ve loved.They all came out in this session. . I guess the bedrock tone and attitude of my music is 70s rock. That’s the west coast american sound in the vocals and my guitar and the r&b grooves and the jazz voicings of the chords. They are all the changes and tempos that come out of me, naturally. Its pretty upbeat and begins with a 2:40 second song called blues negative that’s over before you know it and doesn’t let up”.

Available at Bandcamp as a physical cd or digital album or both.


Pic Tony Mahony



players involved

Dave Graney, vocals, 6 and 12 string electric guitar
Clare Moore, drums, percussion,vocals
Stu Perera, electric guitar,vocals
Stuart Thomas,Bass and Burns Baritone guitar,vocals.

mastered by Greg Wadley
Cover illustration by Tony Mahony.

Recorded early 2012 at Soundpark
Engineer for most sessions Andrew "Idge" Hehir.
Mixedby Dave graney at the Ponderosa

Produced by Dave Graney and Clare Moore.



Blues negative is a real music flash.Very west coast is how it sounds to me. 12 string electric and latin rhythm , tambourine and guirro. The words mean blues negative. Double negative? Perhaps making a positive?I was very proud of writing "I was on an island/I wasn't robinson crusoe there..."
flash in the pantz is a song about being a man. I love all those songs on the subject by Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley and thought I’d add one of mine to the pile.
It’s got real big chunky major chords and rolling tom toms under all the voices in the chorus. A big beat song.
I heard a woman caller on sports radio dismiss a player as a “flash in the pantz” and took off from there.
Like a lot of my songs it starts from somewhere stupid and goes off somewhere else. I thought, are we not all the result of a couple of people having a flash in the pantz?

Field record me is a simple musicians dream to have aliens visit the planet and understand him.Standout rocking blues licks from Stuart Perera here.
We need a champion. I demoed this back in 2003/4 and its taken me ages to get it down for an album. Got a real good groove for it.
I don't wanna know myself. Wrote this very quickly and completely.Found myself reading some dopey colour magazine story with a notable talking of thier lifes "journey" and their knowledge of themselves. I came up with this.Again, its a very west coast pop sound.When I say that I mean "LOVE".
Cop this,sweetly.A twist on a gem from the australian vernacular. More West Coast stylings.
Life's a dream is a slowere tempo song.Had the music kicking around for a real long time. Wrote the lyrics the way I do a vocal.Bang!I've written a few songs that I like to think other people could do and this is definitely one of them. This and "saturday night bath.
Playin' Chicken is a very abstract, kind of post punk tune about playing another song of mine. Having a song that people can see you within.Outside of that song you disappear again.
Midnight Cats was going to be the title of this album, when I was getting ready to do it, before we did the re recordings set , "rock'n'roll is where i hide".I wrote it from the chords,flattened fives to a suspension.A song about your interior life, your "essential noise".Midnight cats walking through your mind while you walk around and while you sleep.
Mt Gambier Night propbably came around when I was writing the book, 1001 australian nights. This is also a pretty post punk sounding song in the tension and the builds and releases. The gears.
Mistral was going to be an instrumental but I started yelling over the top.KInd of jazz rock with teh emphasis more on the rock.
I'm not the guy I tried to be ends the cycle of songs on a pretty reflective note.Bit of a Roy Orbison type number. Two guitars, bass and soft percussion.


pic Tony Mahony


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