ONE MILLION YEARS DC is the title for the new album credited to Dave Graney and Clare Moore.
11 tracks recorded and mixed at the Ponderosa in Melbourne.













ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS? (The title comes from the chorus of “Song Of Life” ) is a classic rock’n’roll album. Classic if you lived through what has become known as ”the classic rock era” as it rolled out new and even broke onto the beachhead and morphed into punk. That’s the direction Dave Graney and Clare Moore have always been coming from. They have spent their lives schooled by and immersed in rock ‘n’ roll culture. Neither attended higher education and they dived in deep and kept swimming. From the Moodists through the Coral Snakes /White Buffaloes to the mistLY

This is an album with their band, Dave Graney and the mistLY. Stuart Perera has played guitar with them since 1998 and Stu Thomas on bass since 2004. MARCH 2019

ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS? 2019 album out on Compact Disc - available here via mail order...

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art - Tony Mahony
Memoir out now through Affirm press.Click through the image for more.
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The great thing about @davegraney 's writing is not just the humour (constant) or the encyclopaedic knowledge of music (that's a given) - it's his withering assessments of human vanity. #workshy is outstanding & full of insights into how we put together a life @AffirmPress

My previous memoir “1001 Australian Nights” was more dreamy and abstract. About half awake dream that it was in my first band, the Moodists and how we imagined each other and also getting my tone and voice. It had two parts; coming into the world and then speaking as a part of the world. Two voices - innocence and experience.

Workshy has more personal detail about growing up in Mount Gambier, my individual and social identities and influences and my love of playing football as a kid and generally goofing about and doing my best to avoid work as best as I could. Also, the actual options that were open to me. Then I had to deal with the world and after a while I found I had dug into a weird kind of a groove.

Also, truth #1- “there’s no retiring in this business….” . (thanks Billy Miller)

In so many ways, musicians have been the canaries in the coal mine of much of modern life. We got to the brutal face of the modern scene where everybody is a “freelancer” first. Now everybody has to “manage the brand”. But we’ve always been depicted as hapless chancers and fantasists who avoided “the real world”. Hey, now people talk loosely and carelessly of “the gig economy”. Talk to a musician if you want to know what the future holds! We’ve been there for a while.

The cover art is by Tony Mahony, who has done almost all our cd and album covers and videos since1992.
I worked with Janet Austin on the editing and she did an amazingly thorough and creative job. She really gave it some air where needed and got it singing. Then the team at Affirm did their final stylistic edits and proofs. Thanks to everybody!

"Meandering humanity and honest music never follow guidelines. Neither does Dave Graney. Society didn't get fussy and uptight after he was born, it got fussy and uptight after it made being born Dave Graney illegal. The antidote: read this and remember what's real; better still, read it at work. This is a book that should come in a brown paper bag."

“Dave Graney is a genuine hipster bohemian street intellectual.  A committed rock'n'roll theoretician and a contrarian outsider of he first order.  
This second memoir is as entertaining, funny and well written as his previous book '1000 Australian Nights".  He has a terse and semi-abstract approach to writing about the absurd reality of being a non-mainstream musical artist in Australia and Europe,  and also of the succession of dispiriting and occasionally quite tolerable day jobs he has had. 
The book is liberally spattered with hilarious observations of the art and culture of the recent past and many amusing personal anecdotes.  There are also some arcane metaphysical ruminations on the technical minutiae of writing recording and performing his excellent songs.
Dave is the unchallengeable King of Australian rock memoirists.  Buy this book now!” 
Reg Mombassa

LET'S GET TIGHT is also available on CD at Greville Records, Readings Books , Basement Discs and Rocksteady Records in Melbourne, REDEYE Records in Sydney and STREETLIGHT in Adelaide. .

Dave Graney and Clare Moore CD Let's Get Tight available at iTunes and Bandcamp now.

I'm Never Off is the April 2016 digital release. Music by Clare Moore and featuring a psych guitar guest solo from Georgio "the dove" Valentino.

November 2016 digital release.
"Let's Kick This Mob Out". Yes, a politically inspired song. Driving latin beat.Credited to Dave Graney and Clare Moore.
At itunes and BANDCAMP now.

"Slinky, shuffling and intoxicating, it's an artistic sneer in the direction of the soulless ghouls who run this country".Doubtful Sounds


2017 Dave Graney and Clare Moore singles collection CD - LET'S GET TIGHT
details of the album HERE

cover art Tony Mahony



Digital album of early 90s/night of the wolverine demos at Bandcamp now.

Free Dowload of 15 minute track from the 2007 art event THE BEWDY OF SPEED curated by Dave Graney and Clare Moore. Dave Graney and the mistLY, Penny Ikinger, Plutonic Lab, Joe McKee run through Miles Davis's "In A Silent Way".

Fearful Wiggings. The title comes from a 1920s book of French stories.. I came across a new word and looked up in the glossary and the meaning was puts as “fearful wiggings’. I took it to mean “great anxiety”..... see more about this album here





2015 digital only live release play mistLY for me
More details of the album here


also at ITUNES


 "Once I Loved The Torn Ocean's Roar 80s/90s Demos Vol 2" at Bandcamp and itunes now. Story here...

Available through this site via PayPal.

"you've been in my mind" 2012 scorcher

art Tony Mahony



you’ve been in my mind is the 2012 album from dave graney and the mistLY (aka the lurid yellow mist).
An album of short, whip-smart pop rock songs with lashings of ideas, flash,wit and bounce.
That’s dave graney on electric 12 string guitar, stuart perera on blazing left handed Rickenbacker, clare moore on drums and stu thomas on bass, with everybody singing too.
recorded in January with engineer andrew “idge” hehir at soundpark in Brunswick and mixed by dave graney at the ponderosa, its the first collection of new graney songs since “knock yourself out” in 2009.

a few words from dave
this bunch of songs was recorded quickly, just the way I like it. Its not about layers of sounds, its just the simple setup of the band in the room and the songs. We knew them all pretty well so every song was put down to the machines with absolute certainty, power and poise. Its got all the flavours and tones about music that I’ve loved.They all came out in this session. . I guess the bedrock tone and attitude of my music is 70s rock. That’s the west coast american sound in the vocals and my guitar and the r&b grooves and the jazz voicings of the chords. They are all the changes and tempos that come out of me, naturally. Its pretty upbeat and begins with a 2:40 second song called blues negative that’s over before you know it and doesn’t let up”.

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2013 digital only release. A recording of the narrative show POINT BLANK from 2006.A show about a performer looking for a stage and then the heroic battles for it and upon it.Vibes,piano and dave graney singing and talking - without a mic- into the room. Total 19th century style show. 13 songs in two files. Roughly an hour long. The sequel, LIVE IN HELL , from 2009, is also available..

Point Blank at itunes

Live in Hell at ITUNES

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New cd on LIBERATION-Available here via PAYPAL.


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Art by Tony Mahony
Available here now via PAYPAL.
Ten tracks from "the brother who lived", 4 tracks from "heroic blues" and 4 unreleased gems from the same period (2001-2003) all remixed, re-sung, replayed, re-strung and remastered by Dave Graney March-June 2010. 18 track compilation. Its a hot rod...

the brother who lived
all our friends were stars
like a millionaire
a boy named epic
the royal troll
clingin’ to the coast
I am your humble servant
midnight to dawn
anchors aweigh
I’m seein’ demons
twilight of a villain
while you dream,I live
I ain’t natural
are we goin’ too fast for love?
she looked at me from out of her eyes
I don’t know anything
my old gloves
commercial street east (starry)

2014 album - a solo set from dave graney FEARFUL WIGGINGS - out now

available at ITUNES

cds available here via PAYPAL...
- clare moore-kaye-louise patterson writing , playing and singing the songs with a band of crack players.
Album mixed and produced by Barry Adamson . Released Sept 2013 on Cockaigne - distributed by MGM.

album available at Bandcamp either as a digital download or cd here

also at ITUNES




There is also a page for RARITIES and SINGLES.Very Limited amounts of stock available for these.

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - 2001 evil masterpiece


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Art by Tony Mahony.

"it is written, baby" - 1997 book of all Coral Snakes era lyrics with amazing imagery by Tony Mahony. Available ONLY from this site.

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WE WUZ CURIOUS - 2008 jazz pop meister work credited to THE LURID YELLOW MIST...featuring DAVE GRANEY AND CLARE MOORE.
Very ltd quantities available
Art by Tony Mahony

WE WUZ CURIOUS - available digtially at Bandcamp and ITUNES

2005 double set- one disc each by Graney and Moore. art by Tony Mahony

Available as separate digital albums via Bandcamp.
and at ITUNES


Au$25.00 plus postage

more about the album here

Art by Tony Mahony


Available as of July 2015 as an expanded itunes edition with seven extra tracks, demos recorded by Dave Graney in 1991.


"Night of the Wolverine" is now available on Cockaigne . COCK010. The original 12 track cd in a different cover. There is also a "what happened next" element to the cd with a song from each of three Dave Graney Show cds as well as Clare Moore's "third woman" cd as well as a new track from Robin Casinader and a french version of the title track of the cd taking it up to 18 tracks. It is available online now, or at your music shops.

"Knock Yourself Out" is the "electro boogie/ filthy r&b album" released by Dave Graney in June 2009. Credited to Dave Graney as the recording was less of a collective affair than "we wuz curious" . Dave Graney and Clare Moore providing most of the instrumentation.
It features the following songs.

1 knock yourself out (graney/moore)
2 it was then or never (graney/ graney-thomas)
3 honky tonk rope a dope (graney)
4 bodysnatcher blues (graney)
5 dylan the indie fake (graney/moore)
6 I need my guitar (graney)
7 sellout! (graney/ graney-moore-thomas)
8 throwin one into the world (graney)
9 so easy (graney)
10 I don’t wanna go bush (graney)
11 Oakleigh Bowie blues (graney)
12 2068 babe (graney)

It was produced, recorded and mixed by Dave Graney. Stu Perera and Stu Thomas add their talents to several songs.
Art by Tony Mahony


Avalaible as a digital or physical cd (or both) via Bandcamp




Solution Graphics




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more about the album here

Clare Moores' debut solo cd "the Third Woman". Available from this site via Paypal.

Art by Tony Mahony


more about the album here

Also available via Bandcamp

"Heroic Blues", the 2001 Dave Graney Show CD. (COCK005)
The "folk soul" album. Features "don't mess with the blood", "leavin' the Mount" , "clingin' to the coast" and "eye o' the vibe".

Art by Tony Mahony


SOLD OUT-no longer available physically

art Tony Mahony - 2003




"Lure of the tropics" . The legendary 1992 cd that shows Dave Graney'n'the Coral Snakes at their wildest, most improvisatory , raggedy assed best. Recorded at one show in Melbourne in 1991 with their last cd ("my life on the plains")being released two years before and the subsequent one ("I was the hunter and I was the prey") seemingly never to see the light of day and "Night of the Wolverine" still two years in the future, this is a recording of a band running on sheer bravado, guts and glory. Features the title track, a ten minute improvised, raging jam around an anonymous 19th century poem and the equally spontaneous "Jesus, what'd I do". This is a hell of a record and only available through this site.

Au$20.00 plus postage


Art by Tony Mahony



art tony mahony

Rare cd singles of "Rock'n'Roll is where I hide" with three other tracks are available .These come with a cover image of David winning the 1996 ARIA award in full wigged out peacock finery and index finger raised in "I told youse so" triumph.


Au$5.00 plus postage

art tony mahony

T - shirt Au$20.00 plus postage


The 2007 quite amazing cd by SALMON. Available via Paypal on CD


Or via Paypal as a double gatefold sleeve limited edition vinyl.


T Shirts are available in the following designs , (based on the respective album covers);

"Soft'n'Sexy" Surf style and Bonds style. ( Bonds Small = 49 cms chest by 71 cms length. Bonds medium = 54 cms chest by 74 cm length. Surf medium 54 cms chest by 70 cms length))
"King of pop" V neck and surf style . ( V neck small = 45 cms chest by 57 cms length. Surf Small = 53 cms by 68 cms length.)
"the Devil Drives" Surf style only. ( Small = 51 cms chest by 68 cms length.

art tony mahony

T - shirt Au$20.00 plus postage