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"Time for a new album from Dave Graney and Clare Moore
The opening slinky blues pop of “Baby I Wish I’d Been A Pop Star” marks another leap forward in the Dave Graney and Clare Moore canon. This time with the two Stu’s – Perera and Thomas – collectively as The MistLy – they have produced a classic album for the end of the second decade of the 21st century. An album of eight songs in thirteen versions takes elements of the previous album and run of digital singles and develops them into something recognisable, but also uniquely modern, and, of course “Graney”
Bob Osborne - Analogue Trash Radio

"This is your Guernica, your Imagine, your XYGTHO Phase 3, your Raging Bull. Everything you have created before has culminated in this true masterpiece of recorded music. Life, Death, Pathos, Humour, Groove and above all Aplomb = Zippa Dee Do what is-was that-this? Congratulations to you, Clare and the mistLY and thank you for an album that will be on regular rotation in my shack for the remainder of my days".
Grame Tressider

”...brilliant show. Best band in this country by miles. Graney and Co. are totally unique. Whatever line-up, always amazing. And FUN!”.
Jon Schofield (musician)

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I can’t forget the bill that hot night at the Palace in St. Kilda many years ago…The show opened with a guy called Dave Graney, the song and dance man, the loveable rogue, ‘the love rustler’ with his Coral Snakes, and the serene Clare Moore keeping everything together in the back. Then the Cruel Sea shambled onstage with Tex Perkins, tearing a hole in the night, a bellowing, rancid Lizard King in a ripped Jaws t-shirt. Finally, the Bad Seeds, with Cave mounting the fold-back, capes flowing in an impossible wind, like some perverse southern gothic evangelist, braying to the raptured who were already certain to be damned, and didn’t care. The Palace heaved that night with sweat and obscenity. And we were right there, in Melbourne, at the molten core of the rock world, drinking in the magma. Not even a thousand beers as we poured out of there, and drifted over the tram tracks to the Esplanade, could calm us down and quell the charge. But it was the unstoppable Graney, in his natty jumpsuit, with his wit, and his ways, dipping into the slow chords of ‘Night of the Wolverine’, that we knew we’d found a poet, whose lines were etched like the statue of Carlo Catarni outside and had announced himself, that night, there and then, as a put-down-your-glassss superstar. xo

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They are a tight band, and with Graney’s chameleon qualities, oscillate from the Iggy Pop via David Lynch film score of “bodysnatcher blues” , the cinematic “So Easy’ to the dark glam disco of “Dylan the Indie Fake”.
Graney is a modern zeitgeist (dare I say it) , almost Bowie-esque. The wonderfully epic “2068 Babe” closes the album with fuzz guitars,electronica and a chorus of tropical birds. Its a little bit Goldfrapp, kind of Hendrix, with a touch of Sun Ra and Pharoah Sanders, but in execution is pure Graney.
Catherine Gale- Advocate - Tasmania.

If I asked you, out of any artist in the world, who was going to put out a record that combined the soul funk of classic era Sly Stone with perverse wigged out lyrics, who would you choose? Your five seconds are up and the glorious answer is Dave Graney and the mistLY. This is a stunning, weird, trip to a strange land.
Ben Michaels – Rhythms


Dave Graney interview at Scenestr Magazine September 2016

September 2016 online interview with Dave Graney by fellow musician Anto Macaroni

A TWO HOUR podcast interview by David Cox in Sydney late 2015. Going over all things Moodists/Coral Snakes and mistLY . Thanks David! 


picture by Kristyn Jones- Mt Gambier 2011

Once I Loved The Torn Ocean's Roar - 80s/90s Demos Vol 2 - dave graney - COCKAIGNE - digital only album at itunes and Bandcamp.

art tony mahony

a TRACK BY TRACK story of FEARFUL WIGGINGS on Mess and Noise

Story about FEARFUL WIGGINGS from Australian Musician Magazine


YOU"VE BEEN IN MY MIND has been rebooted as a digital albu75ith two extra tracks- 17 tracks in all



Dave Graney and Clare Moore 2017 CD Let's Get Tight available at iTunes and Bandcamp now.

Clip below is from 2014 album. FEARFUL WIGGINGS. Directed by Donna McRae and Michael Vale.

Live dates

Dave Graney memoir-WORKSHY-out on Affirm press.Order it here.
If in the UK - Book Depository is the best place to order from. Free postage.

Dave Graney is up for some PARLOUR GIGS. It's a system or portal where you can book artists to come play in your PARLOUR - House - Apartment - Ranch etc.
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Saturday June 15th-Major Toms, Kyneton(Graney and Moore)

Friday June 21st the Bison Bar, Nambour DAVE GRANEY SOLO
Saturday June 22nd- the Bearded Lady, Brisbane.DAVE GRANEY SOLO

Saturday June 29th - The Caravan Music Club - Bentleigh Special guest Sean McMahon

July 12th - THE GOV - Adelaide.Special guests The Sunday Reeds

photo - Barry Douglas

40 minute interview with Dave Graney by ABC's Richard Fidler- ranging across entire career and life.




From 2012 we have been billed as dave graney and the mistLY


a few words about the mistLY
Stuart Perera plays guitar in our band, the mistLY. He was born in '77, the year I pretty much thought about playing music. We had another guitar player Bill Miller (who hasn’t played with us for seven years) had a number one record with his band , the Ferrets in the same year. We had no trouble talking about musical ideas because we all like playing music. Its like solving a series of problems, or walking across some abstract plane that keeps changing as you set each foot down. Some times its like a 3 dimensional field and you can see where the notes and the beats fall before it happens. Other times its like a fogged battlefield. Does that make us diggers! Cripes!
Bill went off for a walk a while ago. 2005. He was “gonna be some time”. Actually I started to play more guitar and there wasn’t the room or the moolah.
Clare Moore and I have played music together the whole way. Since 1978. We have shared our terrestrial life as well. We get to run out on that abstract field and we are fully manifest there. We know that. We don't talk about it much , we just know it. The band is completed by our bass player Stuart Thomas and, sometimes , our jazz fellow traveller. Mark Fitzgibbon. (He is full of talk, spending so much of his time in a completely abstract, instrumental world. He loves to talk of the indignities that come your way as you live a musical life. Each outrage is documented and recast to his new audience, us, in even grizzler detail.) Mark has been living in Shanghai for the last year or so, playing piano in a jazz band five nights a week.

Stu Thomas plays in the Surrealists with Kim Salmon. He also plays his own music with the Stu Thomas Paradox and with Jane Dust and the Giant Hoopoes (who also feature Clare Moore).
Anyway, we all meet up, like the Wild Bunch and deal with whatever spotfire or situation I have gotten us into. Its not like a band where the experience has all been shared. We all came by a different route. We've all been up and we've all been down. We like to play in this field, this area we know how to operate in. Its like being a pro gambler or a fighter I guess, only the stoned will know. Memory doesn't have much to do with it. We've had to make up some other way to speak with each other. We can't just refer to past battle plans and victories or defeats. Its always been new. We have to go over the top together.
Stuart Perera has played on every album since “the Dave Graney Show” in 1998 the year that broke on us after we finished playing with the Coral Snakes. It was my idea to finish that scene and start again. I needed to do it. Stuart was playing at a VCA jazz youth concert and I asked him to play for us. I was lucky, . He also plays around Melbourne clubs very regularly in a funk outfit. He is highly match fit. Not at all indie either.
Adele Pickvance played bass on that Dave Graney Show cd and several that followed. She left to rejoin the Go Betweens. Stu Thomas has played with us since 2004 and made his recorded debut on “keepin’ it unreal” in 2006.
Most albums we have made have include about 40% of material recorded and played completely at our Ponderosa studio by Clare Moore and myself. The rest we have gone into a bigger room/ studio and laid down tracks with our band.


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*****David Graney & Clare Moore Discography (retrospectively) ****

dave graney and clare moore - LETS GET TIGHT - CD on COCKAIGNE APRIL 2017

Once I Loved The Torn Ocean's Roar - 80s/90s Demos Vol 2 - dave graney - COCKAIGNE - digital only album at itunes and Bandcamp

night of the wolverine demos/early 90s songwriter demos - dave graney (cockaigne) digital album

play mistLY for me - dave graney and the mistLY - (digital only 14 track live collection on COCKAIGNE 2015)

FEARFUL WIGGINGS- Dave Graney (Cockaigne 2014)

"THE MERCURY YEARS" 4 disc set of albums recorded for Universal 1994-97. Includes teh disc of rarities and unreleased tracks "Lobster palace royalty"
"POINT BLANK" and "LIVE IN HELL" two digital only live narrative show albums via Bandcamp. 2013
Harry Howard and the NDE "PRETTY" (Spooky records 2013)
THE DAMES (Cockaigne - distributed through MGM) September 2013
soundtrack to the movie JOHNNY GHOST (digital only release 2013)
you've been in my mind (dave graney and the mistLY - Cockaigne - 2012)
Harry Howard and the NDE "near death experience" (SPOOKY records 2012)
"ROCK'N'ROLL IS WHERE I HIDE" (dave graney and the lurid yellow mist - LIBERATION 2011)
(Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist- Cockaigne/Fuse 2010)
Knock Yourself Out
(Dave Graney- Cockaigne/Fuse- 2009)
We Wuz Curious
(The Lurid Yellow Mist - Illustrious Artists 2008)

Rock Formations -
(Salmon (Bang! 2007)
Keepin' it Unreal
(Dave Graney and Clare Moore...featuring Stu D . Reverberation 2006/7)
Hashish and Liquor,
(Dave Graney and Clare Moore. Reverberation 2005)
The Brother who lived
, (the Royal Dave Graney Show, Cockaigne 2003)
The soundtrack to the movie Bad Eggs (David Graney and Clare Moore,Liberation,2003)
Two Fisted Art (the Moodists, WMinc, 2003)
Heroic Blues (the Dave Graney Show, Cockaigne 2002)
The Third Woman (Clare Moore solo CD, Chapter Music 2001)
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (the Dave Graney Show, Cockaigne 2000)
The Dave Graney Show (the Dave Graney Show, Festival 1998)
The Devil Drives (Coral Snakes, Universal 1997)
The Soft'n'Sexy Sound (Coral Snakes, Universal 1995)
You wanna be there… (Coral Snakes, Universal 1994)
Night of the wolverine (Coral Snakes, Universal 1993)
Lure of the tropics (Coral Snakes, Torn and Frayed 1992)
I was the hunter and I was the prey (Coral Snakes, Fire 1992)
My life on the plains (White Buffaloes, 1990)
Double Life (the Moodists, 1985)
Thirstys Calling (the Moodists, 1984)
Engine Shudder (the Moodists, 1982)


DAVE GRANEY album FEARFUL WIGGINGS. Clare Moore played keys, vibes, percussion and sang all through it as well.

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art tony mahony

See The Moodists and Coral Snakes sections for discography and archival information pre 1998.

the dave graney show- an outstanding album recorded for Festival in 1998

Kiss tomorrow goodbye (2000)

heroic blues(2001)

the third woman (2002)

the brother who lived ? (2003)

Hashish ? (2005)

Keepin' it Unreal (2006)

We wuz curious (2008)

Knock yourself out (2009)


rock'n'roll is where I hide (2011


2013 digital singles

THE DAMES (2013)

POINT BLANK and LIVE IN HELL (digital narrative show albums 2013)

Fearful Wiggings (dave graney solo album 2014)

play mistLY for me(digital only live recordings collection march 2015)

Once I Loved The Torn Ocean's Roar - 80s/90s Demos Vol 2 - dave graney - COCKAIGNE - digital only album at itunes and Bandcamp.

night of the wolverine demos/early 90s songwriter demos - dave graney (cockaigne) digital album