2017 Dave Graney and Clare Moore singles collection CD - LET'S GET TIGHT
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cover art Tony Mahony

Dave Graney and Clare Moore CD Let's Get Tight available at iTunes and Bandcamp now.

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Live dates

Upcoming shows

Dave Graney and the mistLY

Dave Graney and Clare MooreInstore set 4 pm at Greville Records, Prahran, Melbourne Sunday August 13th.

Dave Graney and Clare Moore Noisy Ritual - urban Winery 249 Lygon St, Brunswick East August 27th


Sat 9th September

Thursday 14th Sept - Cafe Chaff, Brussels

Fri 15th Sept Escher Kafé, Rue du Clair-Chêne, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Monday 18th Lille - L'Imposture

Tuesday 19th Orleans - Le 108 108 rue de bourgogne Orléans 45000
Wednesday 20th Caen TBA

Thursday 21st September Bistrot De La Cité - RENNES

Friday 22nd Argeles Gazoste _ CAFE DU STADE

Sunday Sept 24th - Tarragona, Spain

Thursday 28th TBA

Friday 29th - Helldorado - VITORIA - Spain. opening for TAV FALCO
Sat 30th Aignan - Le Chaînon Manquant

Friday 6th - Fred's Ale House - Manchester w/ Poppycock and Adventures Of Salvador

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th October - The Betsey Trotwood, Clerkenwell, London

Dave Graney and Clare Moore at the Skylark Room - Burrinja Arts Centre in Tecoma. October 21st.

Dave Graney and the mistLY
The Wheatsheaf Hotel - Adelaide November 11th and 12th

Dave Graney and Clare Moore
Thurs 30-Nov Brass Monkey - Cronulla

Dave Graney and the mistLY

Fri 1-Dec Petersham Bowls Club
Sat 2-Dec Hardys Bay Club 14 Heath Road - Hardys Bay, NSW 2257
Sun 3-Dec - afternoon show at Co-op Club 1860 Pittwater Road
Church Point, N.S.W. Australia 2105





Dave Graney online blogs.

A page about the 2016 single releases.


February 2017 digital release "BE SAD FOR ME". 2:38 sec POP BLUES. At itunes and Bandcamp now.

 "be sad for me - I'm outsourcing my tears"


January 2017 digital release.
"I Need To Be Hot". A sly and slinky joint.Credited to Dave Graney and Clare Moore.
At itunes and Bandcamp now.

"I'm not talkin' about trendy I'm not talkin' about COOL!"



December 2016 digital release.
"I Ain't Hi Vis". A pop groover.Credited to Dave Graney and Clare Moore.
At itunes and Bandcamp now


November 2016 digital release.
"Let's Kick This Mob Out". Yes, a politically inspired song. Driving latin beat.Credited to Dave Graney and Clare Moore.
At itunes and BANDCAMP now.

"Slinky, shuffling and intoxicating, it's an artistic sneer in the direction of the soulless ghouls who run this country".Doubtful Sounds



Are You Out Of Your Mind (Get Back In) June 2016 digital release


40 minute interview with Dave Graney by ABC's Richard Fidler- ranging across entire career and life.

Or perhaps a TWO HOUR podcast interview by David Cox in Sydney late 2015. Thanks David! 

Dave Graney interview at Scenestr Magazine September 2016

September 2016 online interview with Dave Graney by fellow musician Anto Macaroni

Dave writes about songwriting.(Click the image above)

Photo- Barry Douglas

March 2016 digital single "This Is the Deadest Place I've Ever Died In" available at itunes and Bandcamp


I'm A Good Hater - first of a series of 2016 digital releases.

Play mistLY for me - live recordings vol.1 at Bandcamp

A literary focussed interview with Dave at THE QUESTING BEAST

An album of early 90s demos is out at Bandcamp.


Banana Lounge Broadcasting is a weekly show (12-2pm on Tuesdays) by Dave Graney on Melbourne's Triple R radio station. 102.7fm There is a facebook page.


Banana Lounge Broadcasting

The show can also be heard at any time via the Triple R "on demand player"

Dave Graney and Clare Moore undertook a short tour of New Zealand in 2014. Whilst there, they did an interview and live session with Emma Smith at Radio NZ.

a TRACK BY TRACK story of FEARFUL WIGGINGS on Mess and Noise

Story about FEARFUL WIGGINGS from Australian Musician Magazine

New rap duo with Will Hindmarsh - WAM and DAZ


a page with all the 2013 digital singles

great review of Rock n roll is where I hide from TINY MIX TAPES (US)

Podcast of a late June 2011 hour long interview with Dave Graney by Richard Fidler.Broadcast nationally on local ABC radio.

youtube clip for "pianola roll".Filmed at the"rock n roll is where I hide" album session.

Interview with Dave Graney about the book and the album on "HEY HEY MY MY"
rare interview with "handsome" steve miller about 1001 australian nights
1000 word interview ith Dave Graney by Andrew McMillen
Interview with Dave Graney at CRIKEY-Part1
Part 2 of Crikey interview
Page of reviews for 1001 australian nights

Story written by Dave Graney about the cd and the book in the April edition of the Adelaide Review
Interview with Dave Graney from the Australian -April 2011.Focuses on "1001 australian nights" and the cd "rock'n'roll is where I hide"
Henry Wagons and Dave Graney Interview each other in the Autumn 2011 issue of Australian Musician magazine.


There is also a page for RARITIES and SINGLES.Very Limited amounts of stock available for these.



October 2016 digital release.
Matey,From On High.A jazzy groover. Swinging beat with much action on the ride. The chords eternally rising.
A phrase I read in a book by modernist (early 20th century) author and painter Wyndham Lewis.(a big favourite of Captain Beefheart)
"Matey,From On High". This is how, I am sometimes told, I relate to people. Or maybe, how I hope that I do.
Also another of my songs worrying about the faux intimacy of the digital age.
At itunes and Bandcamp now

"Once I Loved The Torn Ocean's Roar - 80s/90s Demos Vol. 2" New digital only album.Story of the album here.

At itunes now.

September 2016 digital single. Rupert's Pet's Grave. Stereo pick burns lead us into a trippy suspended opening and then into the poppest groove Dave Graney has cooked up in a while. This song has a killer chorus!
12 string guitar, pounding tom toms and a beat on the ONE that would do Mental As Anything proud. All laced , buttoned and hemmed with harmonies straight from the classic modes.
A whimsical song.
Once upon a time! At itunes and Bandcamp now.

2014 solo album from Dave Graney

art tony mahony



Live dates

Upcoming shows






See The Moodists and Coral Snakes sections for discography and archival information pre 1998.

the dave graney show- an outstanding album recorded for Festival in 1998

Kiss tomorrow goodbye (2000)

heroic blues(2001)

the third woman (2002)

the brother who lived ? (2003)

Hashish ? (2005)

Keepin' it Unreal (2006)

We wuz curious (2008)

Knock yourself out (2009)


rock'n'roll is where I hide (2011)


2013 digital singles

THE DAMES (2013)

POINT BLANK and LIVE IN HELL (digital narrative show albums 2013)

Fearful Wiggings (dave graney solo album 2014)

play mistLY for me(digital only live recordings collection march 2015)

Once I Loved The Torn Ocean's Roar - 80s/90s Demos Vol 2 - dave graney - COCKAIGNE - digital only album at itunes and Bandcamp.

night of the wolverine demos/early 90s songwriter demos - dave graney (cockaigne) digital album



Music primeval; Dave writes about the sounds that rocked his early world..


Moodists lyrics



Three albums with the Moodists (plus singles and a double cd COMP and live dvd)

Seven albums with the Coral Snakes (plus a compilation and then a 4 disc box set release in 2013)



(The Above are 2013 Dave Graney digital album albums at bandcamp now - along with many others)

FEARFUL WIGGINGS - 2014 dave graney solo set on COCKAIGNE

"play mistLY for me" - 14 track digital only live collection out on COCKAIGNE


A short bio of Dave Graney and Clare Moore


Dave Graney tour dates


click the dude image to go to a page with soundcloud links to all the 2013 digital singles with accompanying youtube clips.

2012 one-off digital single available via itunes
or the full quaity AIFF via bandcamp




illustration- tony mahony- book out on AFFIRM PRESS - APRIL 2011

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illustration- tony mahony- cd out LIBERATION -

2011 cd on LIBERATION-Available here via PAYPAL.
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1997 book of all CORAL SNAKES era lyrics with amazing photos and artwork by Tony Mahony. Available only from this site.

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